WITH THE Decker Hunting Terrier Registry (DHTR)

The First Step To Registering is to fill out an Acceptance Application Here Once you are accepted you will print out THIS FORM
Click Here For a Look at a Sample Pedigree

If your dog has been accepted into the DHTR
Use this form Print it out and mail it to the DHTR.
The following is required along with this application:

If your dog does not have papers and you are seeking them for the first time,
click here to print out an Application To Be Accepted
Once Accepted: you will recieve an email confirmation, then
Print out THIS FORM to send in to the DHTR

Before you register click below to determine appropriate fee(s) for the certificate or pedigree that you are ordering.

Electronic forms

Litter Registration:
(Both parents must be registered with the DHTR before you can register a litter.)
Electronic Litter Form-this form can be filled out online. FREE REGISTRATION
This form allows you to register your litters online and print out your own puppy registration forms. Once your litter form is submitted, you will receive your litter registration numbers via email to be inserted on the forms you print out.
After filling out and submitting the Litter Registration Form, click on the link Puppy Registration.
Record Of Litter - Use this form to keep track of all the puppies in your litters.

Printable Litter Application
Litter Print Form-this form can be printed out and mailed.
Puppy registrations will be mailed to you. $5.00 MAILING FEE per litter.

Supplemental Transfers:
Any time a dog or puppy changes owners before it is registered a supplemental transfer is required to verify this transfer. Supplemental Transfer Print Form

All photos and registrations become the sole property of the DHTR and can not be returned.